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Creating Your Own Virtual Field Trips with Holobuilder

Google Cardboard is one of the most innovative, yet cheapest, new technologies to hit education within the past year. Who would think that a piece of cardboard, two lenses, and a smartphone could immerse someone in a virtual environment that gives out plenty of "Ooooos", "Ahhhs", and "Wows"! Since its inception into the education world, teachers have been able to take their students on virtual field trips to faraway places such as the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef, and Machu Picchu. However, what if a teacher, or student, wanted to create their own virtual field trip. How would they be able to do this? Enter the wonderful website Holobuilder.

Image of Google StreetView App

Holobuilder lets you upload your own 360 ​​degree photospheres to create your own

virtual tour. Photospheres can be created by using the Google Street View app on a smartphone, or if you have $350 laying around, I would recommend purchasing a Ricoh Theta S camera. Many real estate agents are starting to use 360 degree virtual tours to help advertise their places they have on the market. Some contractors are using 360 degree photospheres to tag images of their construction sites. So if other professionals can use it, how can educators use it for their own classrooms?

Teachers and students can use Holobuilder for many educational purposes. They can create virtual tours of their school buildings for new students and parents. They can also use Holobuilder to create virtual field trips from going to such places as the zoo and state and national parks. How do you think you could use Holobuilder in your classroom or school?

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