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ETH March Madness Throw Down!

Happy January to all! Here at EdTech Heroes we love all things edtech. But we especially love edtech if we can use it for some sort of competition. So this year, for the 1st time ever...we are having a good ole "March Madness Throw Down"!

The rules are simple. You get 60-90 seconds to show off a piece of technology that helps you in your daily life or your life at work. You will be randomly selected to go up against another person and their "throw down" as well. After the videos are posted, we will post a poll on Twitter for our followers to vote for the best throw down. For an example, view the video below.

Now THAT is how you have a "throw down"! You can submit your proposal by using the Google Form below. We will be accepting proposals until February 10th. Make sure you sign up today and share the form with your colleagues and on Twitter. Use the hashtag #edtechheroes. GOOD LUCK!!

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